Be the Dream

We are the legacy of the dream. We are the change. We are the movement. Together, our work right now will further bend the arc that will transform our future.

Poverty can end. Racism can end. Let's turn the dream into demands, and let's organize to make them happen.

Charles Booker

Ways to Volunteer

After you complete a training, you’ll receive an invitation to our awesome volunteer Slack channel!

Become a Digital Organizer

Hood to the Holler Digital Organizers are a critical part of our team as we continue to build our movement toward the aim of building broad coalitions, breaking down barriers of race and class, and fueling a people centered movement to build power and eradicate generational poverty.

Digital organizers will utilize social media, and the tools we give you during training, to lead outreach to other Kentuckians as we focus on two main tenets of our work:

  1. Removing Barriers to Democratic Participation
  2. Empowering a More Reflective Democracy

Digital organizer training will take about 20 minutes and will occur on Google Meets. After the training, you will be asked to complete your organizing on your own time, within 2 weeks of your training. We prefer for digital organizers to live in Kentucky (for now), as you will be reaching out to other Kentuckians online.

It's time to organize for the future we want. Join us and sign up here!

Join a Phone Bank

To address lasting ills of disenfranchisement and to lift more voices to lead on ending poverty, a core tenet of the work of Hood to the Holler is to remove barriers to democratic participation.

Join us for a phone bank as we focus on registering Kentucky voters who have a felony in their past and received their right to vote back as a result of last year's executive order from Governor Beshear.

Whether you're new to phone banking, or an old pro, join us for a brief training 30 minutes before the calling starts! Join us for an upcoming call shift here.

Suggest a Way to Be Involved

Have other ideas about how you can get involved? Let us know here!