Break Down Barriers Surrounding the Topics of Racial Justice, structural racism, and Generational Poverty


To build stronger coalitions so we can push for meaningful change; To break through those silos that keep communities divided and allow poverty to persist in our various communities; To lead with love so we can bring more people to recognize our common bonds; to get to the real work of overcoming these inequities.

Lead Tactic:

Create a resource library on our site for folks to learn more about racial justice, structural racism, and generational poverty; Resource library will include toolkits to assist organizers and citizen lobbyists; Deploy Rep. Booker to provide thought leadership on these topics within communities, and via TV appearances and/or correspondent work, podcasts, etc. Charles is a unique messenger who is proven to connect across racial, geographic, class, and other lines who can bring more people together to do the work

Original Goals:

  • Have resource library accessible on website 
  • Conduct 45 appearances in the next 90 days

What We've Done:

  • Web developers have built out the resource library to be launched in the coming weeks alongside a revamped website
  • Begun development of modules/roundtables that we can execute for community events throughout Kentucky 
  • Identified 25 resources to create and/or launch in partnership with Arena on our Resource site
  • Founder Charles Booker has conducted well over 45 media appearances where he either discusses Hood to the Holler, racial justice, structural racism, and/or generational poverty
  • Begun to identify the policy changes we hope to uplift throughout the state

What's Next?

After the Black Lives Matter rallies across the state that happened in the summer, the #1 question we received via our social media accounts was,"What can we do now?". Kentuckians are fired up and ready for change. In an effort to build upon the momentum growing in the state, and across the nation, we have begun to plan roundtable discussions about racial justice and structural racism that we can have in communities across the state that invite us in. This will further break down the topics of racial justice and allow us to to build stronger coalitions so we can push for meaningful change.

Racial Equity Across the Commonwealth

After community members participate in our roundtable discussions, we intend to empower them to push for change within their counties. Working with state leaders, we hope to create a set of racial equity principles that community volunteers can then lobby their local governments to adopt. This will help local leaders consider how their decision making effects communities of color and can further help us create a Kentucky that works for all.