Engage Kentuckians of all stripes - from the Hood to the Holler


To intentionally engage Kentuckians that are from the "forgotten places" across all Hood to the Holler programming to build strong, meaningful coalitions.

Lead Tactic:

Create networks and resources to engage new leaders, especially those who are disproportionally affected by the issues of generational poverty, structural racism and economic inequality; Prioritize outreach to traditionally marginalized communities across all programming; Create separate tracking mechanism within the org and throughout all programming to ensure consistent and impactful engagement

Original Goals:

  • Identify partners, ambassadors, and local leaders across Kentucky who support the Hood to the Holler vision, and develop a series of events, focus sessions, and targeted actions to activate them toward our 2021 program rollout;
  • Identify current activists from these communities and create engagement with at least 60%
  • Create programming tracker with input from advisory board

What We've Done:

  • Digital organizers have engaged ~4500+ folks that have liked our Facebook page to ask them to take our survey and to ask them to take an action with Hood to the Holler; their counties have been recorded for further intentional outreach 
  • Survey responses will continue to be collected through the election across all social media pages, email, etc. 
  • Have intentionally engaged folks in each county in Kentucky in order to bring them into the Hood to the Holler volunteer universe
  • Have actively recruited voter registration teams throughout the state
  • Have focused our calls to action to ensure that we are getting engagement from volunteers from across the state (For example, our email campaign about supporting Breonna's Law received participation from every State House and State Senate district in the state). 

Where We're Going

Throughout all of our programming, we intend to keep a critical eye on how we engage communities from across the state, and who is showing up to volunteer for our organization.

120 County Strategy:

Through our voter registration teams, we plan to deploy a 120 county strategy of engagement. Breaking the state down into 16 regions, we are going to be able to build hyper local registration campaigns through our relational, distributed, organizing model. Through this, we will be able to bring folks into the Hood to the Holler volunteer network from all 120 counties. 

Art + Storytelling: 

In order to build strong coalitions, we need to be sure we are intentionally engaging folks from the "forgotten places". While we have placed a large focus on ensuring we are doing this throughout our programming and through our volunteer network, starting at the end of March 2021 we will be ramping up our storytelling collaboration with Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth. We will be interviewing folks, and sharing original stories, photos, etc. to help us tell the story of Kentuckians, and further the message of Hood to the Holler.