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We are the legacy of the dream. We are the change. We are the movement. Together, our work right now will further bend the arc that will transform our future.

Poverty can end. Racism can end. Let's turn the dream into demands, and let's organize to make them happen.

Voter Restoration

Nearly 200,000 previously incarcerated Kentuckians have had their right to vote restored.

Find out if you or a loved one are on the list. 

Visit to see if your rights have automatically been restored. 

Or go to to learn more. 

What if I don't qualify for automatic restoration?

  • If your rights were not restored, you can petition the Governor for restoration of civil rights.
  • The application is free and can be found here.
  • The application takes up to 12 weeks to process.



We want to empower all Kentuckians to have their voices heard at the ballot box, at city hall, in your neighborhood and in Frankfort. Here are a few ways to have your voice amplified...

Check your Status! 

The KY Board of Elections has purged 100,000+ voters. Confirm your voter status before the registration deadline October 11.

As we know, many folks encounter unfortunate problems on Election Day when they show up to the polls from not being on the rolls all together, to being at the wrong polling location, to having their name not match their ID. With the current attack on voting rights, we can help many of our family and friends identify and fix these issues BEFORE Election Day. Go to this website, enter your name and date of birth and you can see what name, address, and party affiliation the Board of Elections has registered for you. This will not only give you time before the registration deadline on April 18 to correct any errors, but give you peace of mind going into the polls on Election Day.

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