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Hood to the Holler is committed to removing barriers to democratic participation, empowering a more reflective democracy, engaging Kentuckians from the hood to the holler, and breaking down barriers surrounding topics of racial justice, and generational poverty. 


This resource section is meant to remove the barriers and empower folks across Kentukcy by bring information directly to you. Some of the guides below are produced by Hood to the Holler while others come from community partners. Check back as we will continuously be adding even more content to help educate and equip you to transform your community to be rooted in love and justice. 

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Campaign Management Want to get involved by helping someone you know run for office? Check out these guides on campaign planning.
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Want to get involved by helping someone you know run for office? Check out these guides on campaign planning.

Do you feel as though there are one million things to consider while running a campaign? The Campaign Plan Template brings together the essential elements of a campaign into a single document that you can continue to refer to and adapt from now until election day. The Campaign Plan Template will help you work out strategies for messaging, organizing, communications, staffing, scheduling, and data and begin to understand how all of these elements fit together. - Resource from our partners at Arena

The Arena Snapshot will help you calculate your pathway to victory and set the foundation for your campaign’s voter turnout, persuasion, and voter registration programs. The Snapshot draws information from voter files, past election results, and polling data to show you what would likely happen if the election were held today. It then allows you to simulate the effects of a targeted, programmatic campaign on the electorate in your district. After you have completed the Snapshot, you will be able to determine: 1) how to get to your win number; 2) which groups of voters you need to prioritize for turnout (by geography, ethnicity, age, etc.) outreach; 3) which segments of the population you need to prioritize for persuasion outreach; 4) identify opportunities to expand the electorate via voter registration.